Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Poem

"I saw you last
A petite porcelain person,
Lying still on those unfamiliar sheets.
A pearlescent portrait, so fragile and delicate,
Body hollow but you are now at peace.

I know you felt
My last lingering kiss
That lies on your forehead, so lightly placed;
The embrace of my hand over yours before I left,
Turning back for a last glimpse of your face.

You are so missed.
Our hearts beat slower since seeing you go,
Our lives lie still as you remain our only thought.
All memories with you echoing through our minds,
And we relish in the fleeting feeling of a smile being caught.

We were so blessed,
To have you grace our lives.
The laughter and the tears that we shared together
Have lit up our hearts, just as you lit up the world;
Your spark may be out, but you will live on forever.

Memories of you
Will glitter our conversations and dance about our heads.
Tensions may break the fragile atmosphere every now and then,
But the imprint you made will never tire, and we will not waver;
As we will live our lives to make you proud, for when we meet again."

I wrote this in loving memory of my Nanny, Mary Josephine Orsborn.
I don't have the most amazing literary skills, but she always saw potential in me. I wanted to write something to convey just how loved she was,
and how painful it was seeing her pass away.
She was a beautiful woman in every way.

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